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Achieving Multi-Client Availability With Virtual Data Master From FRS

When dealing with lengthy processes like data masking and data discovery after deriving database systems, conventional methods can result in extended service downtime and dissatisfied software development teams during the data renewal period. However, FRS introduces a solution to address these challenges through its VDM (Virtual Data Master) feature.

Benefits of VDM for Software Development

The FRS VDM feature offers several benefits to enhance software development and testing processes:

Differential Data Masking/Data Discovery

FRS VDM leverages differential data masking and data discovery techniques. Instead of applying masking and discovery to the entire database during each refresh, it focuses on the changed or new data blocks. This targeted approach decreases the time and resources required for these processes, resulting in faster service renewal and minimizing service downtime.

Automatic Service Renewal

FRS VDM automates the service renewal process during data refresh periods. With automatic renewal, software development teams can seamlessly access refreshed and masked data without experiencing significant disruptions or downtime. This streamlines the development and testing of workflows, improving overall productivity.

Improved Process Quality

Organizations can significantly enhance the quality of their software development and test processes by switching dozens of database systems to FRS VDM. The periodic occurrence of database system refreshes, aligned with the defined refresh period, ensures that the development teams work with up-to-date data. This leads to better testing accuracy, increased efficiency, and more reliable software releases.

Key Takeaway

Key Takeaway

In conclusion, installing the Fast Recovery Solutions' Virtual Data Master (VDM) presents a ground-breaking approach to attaining multi-client availability. The VDM offers smooth access to correct and current data for numerous clients by utilizing virtualization technologies, enhancing cooperation, efficiency, and scalability.

The FRS's novel approach not only breaks down data silos and improves data integrity but also equips organizations to manage the constantly changing requirements of a business environment that is changing quickly.

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