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FRS offers a quicker, more direct solution to data recovery than traditional restoration methods by utilizing the live mount technique. The procedure begins with the formation of two virtual disks on their physical disks that are related to data retrieval. These disks include the necessary data and log files for the log merge operation. Afterwards, FRS shares these disks with a server of their choice to restore, rendering the database ready for use after a few minutes. This efficient method requires fewer logs than other applications to revive the database and ensures that all parameters, such as performance parameters, OS kernel settings and disk infrastructure on the new server, match precisely with the production database system.

The newly recovered server has all the same configurations as the production database, including disc infrastructure, OS kernel parameters, and database performance characteristics.

We noticed that FRS had quickly regained the database. We find this unacceptable, given that we must use this storage unit and that FRS discs occasionally operate more slowly than actual production discs. As a result, we must move data from FRS to another storage system.

Our patented "go to local resource" feature now kicks in. FRS eliminates the downtime associated with conventional data recovery techniques. All FRS discs are disconnected from the database server after the block migration is finished.

You may now proceed to develop your actual infrastructure.

Why FRS?

Why FRS?

Fast Recovery Solutions is your go-to partner to resolve all your data-related needs! We provide industry-standard solutions that will add value to your data infrastructure.

With FRS, you are guaranteed the following:

  • Secure Backups
  • Fast Data Recoveries
  • Easier Access to Data

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