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Enhanced Data Platform Protection

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What Does Enhanced Data Platform Protection Offer?

The protection of data is not a one-time affair but a continuous process. It would be best to have an enhanced data protection strategy to take care of data protection long-term. Always-on replication ensures the protection of all application changes through continuous protection.

Save Your Data And Money With Enhanced Data Platform Protection

Save Your Data And Money With Enhanced Data Platform Protection

Your platform for data protection is FRS. In traditional backup techniques, only the data files and log files are backed up for point-in-time recovery. While it may be sufficient for instant data recovery, a comprehensive backup would require a lot more.  For instance, the operating system and database must be installed and configured as per the production system when a complete system recovery is necessary. In this situation, operational costs and time costs would rise, and downtime would last longer because patch management, configuration management, and performance adjustments would be made before the restore and recovery stages.

To avoid various complications, FRS periodically takes backups of the database software, the operating system parameters and the data file & log file. This becomes the robust foundation for data platform protection.

Enhanced Data Platform Protection: Choosing FRS

Periodic backups and hours of data loss can be strenuous if you continue to follow traditional backup methods. Continuous data protection requires an unmatched level of automation and security with constant recovery checkpoints to protect critical data. Recover any data from files to entire data centers with FRS. Start your journey with us today!

Enhanced Data Platform Protection: Choosing FRS

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