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Disaster Management - Simplified!

Defend your vital apps and data from regional or local outages, cyberattacks, unintentional deletions, infrastructure failures, natural catastrophes, and other threats. When calamity strikes, FRS confidently deals with it to rapidly and seamlessly resume operations.

If your structure for disaster management is complicated, FRS will help you simplify it with just one click. It also allows you to back up your database platform in many ways, replicate those backups to another site, and access data in the event of a disaster in less than ten minutes. You can do automatic failover tests to check your compliance with the SLA while replication occurs. You can plan these operations to run automatically at the predetermined frequencies if you choose. As a result, you may frequently check for flaws in all end-to-end components on the DR site, including the network, firewall rules, applications, and database patch set.


Disaster Recovery - Simple Continuous Dependable

Organizations become robust and can quickly restart operations with little to no downtime and data loss when they have an efficient disaster recovery plan and solution.

And nothing is more efficient than FRS!

FRS guarantees business continuity and verified recoverability across on-premises and cloud settings by providing replication, disaster recovery, and compliance reporting.

For optimal RTOs and RPOs, near-synchronous replication generates thousands of recovery points.   Performing failovers, failbacks, and testing will take less time, money, and resources.


What Makes FRS Better?

The complexity of managing and securing your growing number and various workloads is rising.

FRS promises easy-to-implement, secure, and always dependable solutions.

Simple, scalable replication and disaster recovery automation

Cost-optimized data mobility

Recovery and compliance reporting that is verifiable and automated

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