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With innovative data backup methods that significantly improve earlier conventional backup processes, FRS offers better solutions to your concerns. Disaster Management Recovery System

Backup Replication of Data Failover Failback

With FRS, you can reduce the IO required for backup because we use innovative incremental forever backup methods, ensuring that you can safely take multiple and frequent backups while almost eliminating your estimated RPO value.

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Why Is What We Do Better?

Why Is What We Do Better?

Traditional backup methods are often based on an operational expenditure (OPEX) model that requires significant input of time and money.

  • Backup is a laborious process of making copies of important data into digital files, while recovery entails immense efforts to retrieve failed or corrupt systems.
  • Disaster recovery (DR) management is also expensive, with added costs for hardware, software implementation and other miscellaneous expenses.

 Such methods driven by operational expenditure are not only costly, but also time-consuming. Setting up servers and networks for DR systems needs experts and specialized departments for maintenance, thus often resulting in weeks' worth of CAPEX investments that could otherwise have been invested in other areas of the business operations.

 In view of this, it is understandable why businesses are now keenly investing in automated cloud-based services that offer cost-effective IaaS solutions with quicker response times. By leveraging such advanced technologies and innovative tools, businesses can streamline the entire backup, recovery, and DR management process much more efficiently at lower costs in minimal time spans.

Traditional incremental backups create successive security copies of only the data that has been changed or altered since the last backup. When you need data recovery, you always have to deal with lengthy RTOs (restore and recovery times). Due to these problems, we no longer employ conventional backup techniques and have switched to incremental forever backup methods. 

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How FRS Takes Backup?

As the threat of disastrous events continues to increase, proper disaster recovery management is now more important than ever. The most commonly used methods for disaster recovery include backup, replication, failover, and failback.

  • With backup, data is periodically copied and stored in a separate location to ensure business continuity should an incident occur.
  • Replication automates this process so data can be seamlessly transferred. Failover allows crucial applications or services to be moved to a secondary location in case of an emergency.
  • Failback transfers these services back to the primary system when it has been restored. These methods may also extend beyond just computer networks—for example, hardware relocating can also be useful for recovering from physical and environmental disasters.

By leveraging these resilient strategies, organizations encourage reliable business processes and ultimately maximize their survival chances in the face of any unforeseen catastrophes.

FRS uses a single copy cost algorithm, making it simple to achieve higher compression rates.

There is only one backup in this approach, and the backup is transferred continually over time in accordance with the backup policy.

FRS takes a snapshot of the most recent backup state before forwarding it to the most current database state.

As a result, the backup and FRS have compression ratios of up to 60% and 70%, respectively. These results are readily available in client databases.

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How FRS Takes Backup?

Our Objectives

To ensure our data services are optimal and our partners and clients are provided with the best outcomes, FRS has come up with specific objectives and goals.

Data Protection

FRS reduces backup and recovery time while protecting your data platforms. It takes application consistent backup of the database, be it cloud or on-prem. Reduce high RTPO values to near-zero with continuous data protection.


Eliminate storage vendor lock-in and optimize costs with single-copy expenses. Gain up to 70% TCO savings. Minimize your need for hardware, and enable easy migration of data operations to ensure cost-effective cloud.

Policy Based

Eliminate all manual processes to recover, migrate, failover and failback along with data mobility with FRS orchestration engine. With a few clicks, FRS manages your replication, failover, and failback disaster procedures that call for specialized knowledge. With FRS, you can rest assured that expert and professional channels handle the most critical backup-related processes. Your data is safe with FRS.


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